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The Company

Über blomus

The history of blomus is both short and long. The origins of today's limited company date back as far as 1921. This was the year in which Karl Scheffer-Klute founded a company called SKS Sundern.

1961 saw the launch of SKS-Design, a company which, at this time, focused on gift items made from copper and brass. In the 1970s, the company introduced pewter-ware as a new material.

Between the 1960s and the 1980s, SKS-Design developed many different decorative and practical metal products. Then, between 1970 and 1980, the company acquired a pewter-ware industry rival and thus became the market leader in pewter-ware and accessories.

In 1989, SKS was divided into SKS-Metaplast and SKS-Design.

The look, display and presentation of products became closely associated with modern lifestyles, and stainless steel became the most significant and important material to reflect these modern aspirations.

By 2009, an innovative brand promise had been clearly established and moved triumphantly forward as SKS-Design became blomus GmbH.

In the early years of the new millennium, the company's product portfolio was restructured to focus on the key areas of home, garden, spa and taste. From this time on the products adopted a unique, elegant and minimalist design language.

The blomus relaunch in 2010 set the course for a successful design-oriented future, and the numerous design awards the company have since acquired within a short time are reliable evidence that the blomus approach to design has a very promising, and sustainable, future.


Über blomus

// Music, voices, the clinking of glasses – wherever there are people, there is also life. And where there is life, there will also be noise. If all these sounds start to merge and weave into one wall of sound, open a window to allow it to flow into the outside world, where it will fade to insignificance, leaving an inner calm in its wake. So in the midst of the greatest hustle and bustle it is still possible to create a silent space – and sometimes this can be achieved with just a cup of tea.

Über blomus

// Let everything take its course, enjoy what is happening and celebrate these moments with your friends – the best moments in your life always happen in the here and now. They arise unexpectedly, connect us to people with whom we share them, and are free from all worry and stress. And their enjoyment can even be increased when the things with which we surround ourselves are as simple and pure as each moment itself.

Über blomus

// Inside and outside – in no other pair of opposites is the interaction and interdependence of these opposing concepts so clear. These ideas represent the relationship between man and nature, between the individual and the group, or between security and freedom. When these two worlds collide, the result is maximum friction, but when they are in balance, the result is a perfect harmony, and a happiness which flows freely in all directions.