The great outdoors

Summer brings with it a certain set of rites and rituals – and everyone’s are personal and unique. However, for most of us, the onset of summer evokes a longing to get out and, quite literally, move life from the confines of our houses or apartments and out into the open. The new collection of outdoor furniture and accessories by blomus makes it easy to decorate any outdoor space, so that homely feel comes with you. Whether it be the need for extra light over dinner when the sun has set or the desire to stay all day in the shade reading your favourite book, feet up and perfectly relaxed, the collection offers new ways to make your garden, terrace, pool area or patio both a personal and functional extension of your home for those months of the year when life is sweetest under a clear blue sky.

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blomus STAY outdoor furniture
Day Bed stone STAY


€ 799.00*
Lounger cloud STAY


€ 299.00*
Pouf Coal STAY


€ 99.95*
Outdoor Side Table Magnet STAY


€ 139.00*

Let’s stay together

Reliable, straightforward and always there for you … Just like a great friend, the new outdoor furniture collection by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider of German kaschkasch for blomus is there to make your life a little easier. The collection – comprising a relaxed sunbed, available in a single as well as a double version, a matching pouf and a series of cosy pillows – made from a high quality, weather-resistant textile that does not fade when exposed to sunlight and easy to maintain.

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blomus STAY outdoor furniture

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Fire and steel

The torch has been an integral part of the blomus outdoor assortment for numerous seasons, and has become a classic item with a both practical and decorative purpose. At the barbecue or garden party, for welcoming guests at the entrance or placed around the pool when the sun sets, the torch is the perfect outdoor accessory for those special occasions when the glow and warmth of a flame makes all the difference. The obvious material for the item is of course stainless steel, as it is hard-wearing, weather resistant and safe to use, and has been an essential element of the blomus DNA since the foundation of the brand as a provider of modern interior items.

Garden Torch Stainless steel polished 300 ml ORCHOS


€ 59.95*
Garden Torch for Burning Gel wood 500 ml ORCHOS


€ 125.00*

Currently out of stock

€ 39.95*
Tabletop Gel Firepit black 400 ml FUOCO


€ 169.00*
Tabletop Gel Firepit black 400 ml FUOCO


€ 109.00*
Gel-Burner including snuffer LUNA


€ 74.95*

Garden accessories & ornaments

For the barbecue, the garden party, or for welcoming the guests at the entrance of your home. Torches have been part of the blomus garden collection for numerous seasons, and with good reason. Stainless steel is the perfect choice of material for the modern version of the torch as it is hard-wearing, weather resistant, and, not least, safe to use. Discover modern pinwheels, torches, water cans and all sorts of accessories in the GARDEN categories: FIRE, DECO and GARDENING.