Designer Portraits – 2020 / 2021

blomus continues to be known for its devotion to exquisite quality, a highly innovative approach to product development, and a desire to look beyond the mere aesthetics of a product and view its practical properties as equally important. In combination with an overall design philosophy that expresses simplicity, feminine sensibility, and an uncompromising approach to colour, shape, and choice of material, this has secured blomus a position as a major player on the international design scene.



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The German design studio kaschkasch was established in 2011 by Florian Kallus (born 1983) and Sebastian Schneider (born 1985). Since then, the two designers have been a strong voice on the international design scene.

The duo works within the creative fields of art direction, furniture and lighting design, servicing a number of international brands. Kaschkasch is primarily known for simple yet refined designs, and for Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider’s continuous exploration of the interplay between functionality and beauty. The studio has received numerous awards, among them the prestigious Red Dot Award for the Ani lamp for blomus in 2019 and the German Design Award Special for the Stay outdoor range in 2021.

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ASHI Fireplace accessories
STAY Outdoor furniture
ANI LAMP Mobile led lamps
CURL Coat racks
PELA Wall hooks

The Great Outdoors

Summer brings with it a certain set of rites and rituals – and everyone’s are personal and unique. However, for most of us, the onset of summer evokes a longing to get out and, quite literally, move life from the confines of our houses or apartments and out into the open.

The new collection of outdoor furniture and accessories by blomus makes it easy to decorate any outdoor space, so that homely feel comes with you. Whether it be the need for extra light over dinner when the sun has set or the desire to stay all day in the shade reading your favourite book, feet up and perfectly relaxed, the collection offers new ways to make your garden, terrace, pool area or patio both a personal and functional extension of your home for those months of the year when life is sweetest under a clear blue sky.

STAY - Outdoor furniture


Outdoor furniture

ANI LAMP - Mobile LED lamp


Mobile LED lamp

Portable, intuitive, surprisingly versatile

Thanks to the integrated battery, ANI LAMP is particularly versatile. The mobile LED-lamp was designed by the young designer duo Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider. The luminaire is operated by briefly touching the rings on the lampshade. This allows the user to select between different brightness levels as well as control the switching on and off of the luminaire. The light cone and the light output can be changed by simply turning the lampshade of the ANI LAMP. The luminaire can be placed on a stand, hung on a rope, or placed on a table. For recharging, the ANI LAMP is placed on a charging cradle and charged with the USB cable, which is included.

Fired up!

With the new Ashi fireplace tool set, the German design duo kaschkasch have proved yet again that even the most mundane everyday object can be clever, elegant, and deserving of daily appreciation. The shape of Ashi is inspired by the swaying reeds that grow in abundance in shallow water; the handle has a similar contour, and the stick resembles the strong, hollow stems that have been used for centuries as a material for the production of baskets. As a practical feature, the wooden handles have a built-in magnet that holds the cutlery securely on the stand when not in use, and makes the complete tool set a decorative item in your living room. Ashi is available in two styles – with a blackened oak wood handle or a brown oak wood handle.

ASHI - Fireplace tool set


Fireplace tool set


Theresa Rand

Designer Theresa Rand is known for her graceful and highly feminine take on modern interior design. Educated in both her native Germany and in Copenhagen, where she now lives and works, she has a unique understanding of both the Nordic aesthetic tradition and the German appreciation of function and quality. Her love for simple, functional yet poetic objects with a story to tell is evident in everything she designs, and her desire to create spaces with a warm and inviting feel has given her a preference for classic shapes, natural materials and subtle, elegant colours.

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RO Tableware
STELLA Cutlery
MAXIME Cutlery
FLOW Glass series

Purposeful ease

The blomus table top collection entitled Ro, which means serenity in Danish, is made for endless Sunday mornings in the peaceful company of family – and for dinners with friends deserving your love and full attention. The creative point of departure for designer Theresa Rand was a fascination with Japanese tea rituals – a celebration of purity, tradition and slow contemplation. The unconventional shape of the elegant teapot, the jewel of the Ro collection, was therefore influenced by Japanese aesthetics but infused with a Scandinavian notion of simplicity. From this key piece, the rest of the graceful and distinctly feminine series of glazed porcelain items gradually emerged. Now, the addition of an oval-shaped serving plate in three sizes, an espresso cup, a tea cup and an egg cup completes the range, coming in the same three sophisticated, timeless shades of grey that makes Ro a potential modern classic. Ro was the winner of the German Design Award in 2020.

RO - Tableware






STELLA - Cutlery stainless steel


Cutlery stainless steel

Simplicity revisited

Some objects are so well known that every child can draw them, and some shapes have been reinterpreted so many times in design history, that you would expect a new version to be essentially impossible to create. The fork, knife, and spoon are such universal items. Nevertheless, blomus has taken up the creative challenge and now introduces Stella, a new cutlery set made of stainless steel that completes the existing range of steel items synonymous with the brand. Designed by Theresa Rand, it is slender, graceful with elegantly rounded edges, and made to match the table- ware line of blomus – and has the potential of becoming a modern classic.

An instant success and winner of the German Design Award 2020, the Stella cutlery set designed by Theresa Rand for blomus embodies the style and vision of the brand. The cutlery is both functional, well-designed and has all the qualities of an enduring classic, while also adding modernity and a little bit of sparkle to beloved older pieces on the table. Now, Stella has arrived in an elegant black version – still tastefully timeless, but never dull or predictable.

The ideal shape

The graceful silhouettes of the Flow series by designer Theresa Rand for blomus are the result of a tireless quest to find the ideal form and to playfully challenge the balance of the drinking glasses using a small, slightly heavier base for the delicately rounded shape. The series – comprising a set of drinking glasses in two sizes and a matching carafe – comes in dark smoke as well as beautiful golden hues.

FLOW - Glass series


Glass series

MAXIME - Cutlery



MAXIME - Cutlery



Everyday classic

With its slender silhouette, understated colours and softly curved details, the new Maxime cutlery set designed by Theresa Rand is an unmistakably feminine interpretation of a tableware classic, created with the humble ambition to please the eye as well as stand the test of daily use. Although designed to match the blomus Ro porcelain series, also by Theresa Rand, Maxime goes easily with a wide range of tableware designs, as the light and dark version allow for multiple combinations. Thanks to the tactile resin handles, the pieces sit comfortably in the hand. However, the designer’s intention was also to create a beautiful counterweight to the top part made in classical stainless steel. And voilà – here she is: Maxime!


The Abento tray, the Lungo glass series and the Stage lamp are his first products for blomus.


Adam Miller

Trained in both architecture and furniture design in the US and Denmark, Adam Miller (born 1984) is familiar with designing at all scales. Today, his Los Angeles based creative studio AD Miller takes on projects in the fields of both architecture and interiors, as well as creating sculptures, lighting, and homeware products. The designer’s curiosity and international mindset have led him to travel all over the world, and his time living in Italy further developed his appreciation for the art of story- telling through every piece he creates. Current projects range from high-end residences in California to a series of product lines with European manufacturers.

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STAGE Desk and Floor Lamp
LUNGO Glass series

LUNGO - Glass series


Glass series

Please, pause!

The new glass series Lungo by designer Adam Miller for blomus takes its name from the Italian word for long. Where one might instantly think of the series’ tall and elegant carafe with the slightly heavier base, the Italian-inspired name also tells the story of a slower and more contemplative lifestyle. Lungo consists of a carafe (in two sizes) and matching drinking glass. Both comes in a dark grey and a gentle coffee – yet it is the shapes that attract the attention. According to the designer, the sculptural forms urge you to pause and concentrate on how you are interacting with the pieces, how they feel in your hands. H ence, they serve to emphasise the importance of slow and thoughtful dining and drinking. When not in use on the table, the sculptural items work perfectly as beautiful display pieces, creating a genuine feeling of tranquillity.

Served on a tray

The simple and functional Abento tray by designer Adam Miller for blomus takes its name from the traditional Asian bento box – a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal common to Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean cuisines. True to the source of inspiration, the simple yet sculptural tray, which comes in two sizes, is a wooden box-like construction ideal for use in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, spa area, office – or wherever else you need a place to store and display your preferred objects. A truly multi-functional object, Abento fits perfectly with the need to maintain a highly functional, no-nonsense interior in small urban apartments, as well as in larger homes where the trays can be used to bring a meal or work-related items from one room to the other.






Nina Thöming

Designer Nina Thöming (born 1984) is part of the German design studio Flöz Design, which has been a stable partner to blomus for the past 15 years. With a background in industrial design, Nina Thöming’s work process is thorough and systematic, starting with research and a comprehensive uncovering of the needs and demands of the market followed by the creative process of transforming the acquired knowledge into beautiful yet functional interior items. Among her well-known products for blomus are the Pilar table line and a series of bathroom items by the name Sono.

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MODO Bathroom collection
PILAR Tableware
SONO Bathroom collection
SALPI Salt and Pepper mills
KENA Plant stand

SALPI - Salt & Pepper Mills


Salt & Pepper Mills

AROUND - Stool



KENA - Plant stand


Plant stand

MODO - Black Power


Black Power

MODO - White addition


White addition

MODO Bathroom series

Black Power – The design is timeless and elegant, as are both the material and the colour, which is known for never going out of style. Modo, the all-black bathroom line by Nina Thöming at Flöz Design for blomus, is designed to last in every respect, which is why it is made from titanium-coated stainless steel, that doesn’t corrode or scratch easily.

White addition – The colour of purity and innocence – and of optimism, honesty and new beginnings. This season, we welcome yet another colour into the Modo family of bathroom accessories: White. The all-time classic colour completes the existing black assortment and gives you the opportunity to transform your bathroom into a celebration of tranquility, relaxation and selfcare – be it a petite powder room or sprawling master bath.



David Meier

German designer David Meier (born 1990) is the driving force behind studiomeiid, which he founded in 2019. With a solid foundation in technical model making, as well as a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science in Industrial Design, he is known for his uncompromising aesthetic vision and for products that effortlessly merge a high degree of functionality with a strong visual direction. As a charming add-on, the young designer has never been afraid of the playful and humorous, taking it as a compliment if a product of him also puts a smile on your face. The Palua tray is the first product by David Meier for blomus.

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PALUA Oak boards

PALUA - Oak boards


Oak boards

Double Vision

One tray designed by German designer David Meier is good – two trays is even better! The new Palua tray comes in two different shapes that can be used separately, but that fit perfectly with each other – almost growing into a unified shape when you place them together to create the ideal display on the window sill or your kitchen counter or dining table. The simple, elevated construction makes the tray the ideal platform for plants, sculptures or other treasured items in the home, while also allowing for more everyday use when you replace a traditional fruit basket or serving plate with Palua – either standing alone or together completing each other like the ideal couple.



Frederike Martens

Trained as an industrial designer with a particular emphasis on glass and ceramics at the Design School in Halle, Germany, Frederike Martens (born 1987) has a rare talent for pure and strikingly simple shapes, and a preference for colours that will stand the test of time. With her impeccable sense of balance and proportion, Frederike’s work displays a special sensitivity to how materials work, both alone and together. However, for the young designer the practical usability of any given item is equally important. The Sablo tableware line, comprising 18 distinct items, was her first design project for blomus – and has now been followed up by the Ceola vase.

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SABLO Tableware

CEOLA - Vase series


Vase series

CEOLA - Vase series


Vase series

In praise of nature

Gather a few of your favourite flowers – or simply collect a bunch of wild twigs that will add a rustic, natural feel to your interior décor. With the Ceola vase series by German Frederike Martens, the greens in your life have found a new home. The collection comprises five different shapes and sizes in either a soft white or a soft and sandy shade of khaki but all with the same narrow mouth presenting the plant in a beautiful upright position while making sure the stem will not bend or break. The rounded, orga- nic silhouette of the vase is inspired by the traditional Japanese metal vases made by hand by local craftsmen over the centuries, and the slightly coarse ceramic surface with its subtle colour variations adds to the overall natural look as well as the unique character of every single vase.

Table tales SABLO

The designer’s initial approach was to engage a multitude of senses, not only the eyes, and the result speaks for itself, quite literally. The shapes are soft and inviting like pebbles in the palm of your hand, with pleasantly rounded edges and a slightly rough surface, in part glazed, bearing resemblance to water flowing over sand. Additionally, every item has its own unique personality due to subtle colour variations, which also gives Sablo a distinctly crafty feel and makes you treasure your plate, cup or bowl just a little more.

SABLO - Tableware





Peter Lienhart

Peter Lienhart (born 1969) has a degree in industrial design from Pforzheim University in Germany, and this is discernibly the starting point for his well-defined aesthetic vision – one where the purity of a shape will always be paramount, and any detail must have a clear purpose. His considerable experience with product design and strong focus on the technical aspects of any home item have made him the perfect designer of lighting solutions such as the new Farol lamp for blomus.

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Let it shine!

If you ask Peter Lienhart, the technical and practical aspects of a product are every bit as important as its visual appearance. Now, this skilled German designer debuts for blomus with a portable LED lamp for use both indoors and outdoors that precisely reflects this pragmatic design philosophy. With its simple shape inspired by traditional European lighthouses, the Farol lamp offers a soft light that’s always comfortable and discreetly present, though never dominant or insistent. Farol incorporates a three-step switch and comes in three classic colours. On top of this, it’s available both as a small and elegant table version – ideal for the desk and the night stand – and as a classic floor model that’s perfectly suited to shining a light on a cosy corner of your living room.

FAROL - Mobile LED Lamps


Mobile LED Lamps

FAROL - Mobile LED Lamps


Mobile LED Lamps



Justyna Poplawska

Polish-born Justyna Poplawska was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, in Copenhagen. She started her career as a designer with a particular interest in glass and was trained in the traditional craft of glass-blowing. Her special ability to imbue mass-produced objects with a handmade feel has become her trademark. Justyna Poplawska is widely acknowledged as a new and interesting voice in the international design industry, and her work has been supported by grants from the Danish Arts Foundation, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond and Otto Bruuns Fond.

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DROP Vases
CASTEA Jewellery stand

DROP - design by Justyna Poplawska

The vase is an archetypical object in design history, made since ancient times to celebrate the beauty of nature and bring the splendor of the outside world into our private sanctuaries. blomus glass products are not machine made but manufactured by experienced glassblowers. Tolerances in dimensions and the typical blisters in the glass make every object a unique product.

DROP - Vase series


Vase series

DROP - Vase series


Vase series

CASTEA - Jewellery Stand


Jewellery Stand

CASTEA - design by Justyna Poplawska

Inspired by minimalist jewellery, this stand becomes a jewel in its own right. Its design promotes the imaginative arrangement of jewellery pieces. A streamlined form is complemented by the warmth of natural leather which creates the lining of its circular trays. Favorite pieces of jewellery will be cherished by the use of this elegant object.



Luca Galmarini

For Italian designer Luca Galmarini (born 1981), the hustle and bustle of the modern world has never been a source of inspiration. Rather, he finds both pleasure and creative energy in the great outdoors, preferring to stay secluded from civilization and leading a simple life in his home, office and workshop tucked away in the Italian mountains. However, his intelligent and often imaginative and highly original take on product design has paved the way for collaborations with several international design brands, among them blomus, for whom he has made the new watering can bearing the name Colibri.

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COLIBRI Watering Can

COLIBRI - Watering Can


Watering Can

Like a bird

An avid nature lover, environmentalist and collector of tropical plants, who is better suited to design the new watering can for blomus than Italian designer Luca Galmarini? Aptly named Colibri – the Italian word for hummingbird – the watering can has a distinct shape, resembling the tiny bird with its perfectly rounded body and long beak, making it precise and easy to use without spilling or over-watering. Made in a powder-coated stainless steel and designed to contain a litre of water, Colibri is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. And even though it is primarily a practical object, it has the decorative qualities to deserve to be an integrated part of your décor. Find your own favourite among the five available colours – and enjoy keeping your plants healthy and happy!