Care instructions

Care instruction for blomus products

To ensure that you continue to enjoy our blomus item for as long as possible, we give you a few tips on care and cleaning.

In particular the material stainless steel is easy care but not it needs to be maintained regularly. Stains and dark patches can form on matt-finished stainless steel if it is not cared for in the proper way. We would therefore advise you to clean and care for your blomus product on a regular basis.

CAUTION: Do not under any circumstances use any caustic or aggressive cleaning agents and substances for the purpose of cleaning the given product. Nor are steel wool, abrasive sponges, hard brushes and cleaning pads suitable for cleaning and caring for blomus products. The surface finish of the product concerned may otherwise suffer permanent damage. Please ensure that sensitive materials such as glass or wood are not damaged when cleaned.

General cleaning and care instructions of blomus stainless steel products, which are not in contact with food
Finger marks on surface finishes made of stainless steel can be removed with a damp microfibre cleaning cloth or with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Clean the product with warm water and if necessary a little pH-neutral washing-up liquid, or with blomus Metal-Fluid (item no. 31056). If there are obstinate stains or rust film on the item please clean it with a damp soft clean clothing and fine scouring agent.

ATTENTION: Please clean the product in the direction of the finish. Otherwise there will be a risk of scratches on the surface. Then rinse the item with water and rub dry with a soft cloth in the direction of the finish. For further maintenance apply a thin layer of the blomus Metal-Fluid and rub dry again with a soft cloth in the direction of the finish. It additionally creates a dirt-repellent protective film and is also suitable for ceramics, wood, glass and plastics.

CAUTION: In particular, it should be noted to rinse always the toilet brushes with clear water after using WC cleaner. Commercially available WC cleaners contain generally aggressive substances which can quickly lead to corrosion in stainless steel. Because of this reason please clean regularly the container of the toilet brush, too.

Cleaning and care of material combinations
Please consider the enclosed further care instructions for the cleaning and care of stainless steel in combination with other materials, e.g. glass, wood, plastic or cloth.

Cleaning and care of blomus polystone products
Polystone is a mixture of ground stone and plastic. All blomus polystone items can be used outdoors without any problems. The material combination is not influenced by weather conditions, which makes it weatherproof and extremely durable. Clean your blomus polystone product as required with a mix of warm water and a little mild liquid soap. No need to wipe dry.

Removal of obstinate staining and surface treatment
If there are obstinate stains on the polystone, we advise removal with a moistened scouring pad. Please clean the surface in one direction only and proceed as shown in the following (picture 1 and 2).

1. Moisten a scouring pad

2. Remove obstinate stains