About Luca Galmarini

For Italian designer Luca Galmarini (born 1981), the hustle and bustle of the modern world has never been a source of inspiration. Rather, he finds both pleasure and creative energy in the great outdoors, preferring to stay secluded from civilization and leading a simple life in his home, office and workshop tucked away in the Italian mountains. However, his intelligent and often imaginative and highly original take on product design has paved the way for collaborations with several international design brands, among them blomus, for whom he has made the new watering can bearing the name Colibri.

Aptly named Colibri – the Italian word for hummingbird – the watering can has a distinct shape, resembling the tiny bird with its perfectly rounded body and long beak, making it precise and easy to use without spilling or over-watering. Made in a powder-coated stainless steel and designed to contain a litre of water, Colibri is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. And even though it is primarily a practical object, it has the decorative qualities to deserve to be an integrated part of your décor. Find your own favourite among the five available colours – and enjoy keeping your plants healthy and happy!