About Peter Lienhart

Peter Lienhart (born 1969) has a degree in industrial design from Pforzheim University in Germany, and this is discernibly the starting point for his well-defined aesthetic vision – one where the purity of a shape will always be paramount, and any detail must have a clear purpose. His considerable experience with product design and strong focus on the technical aspects of any home item have made him the perfect designer of lighting solutions such as the new Farol lamp for blomus.

With its simple shape inspired by traditional European lighthouses, the mobile Farol lamp offers a soft light that’s always comfortable and discreetly present, though never dominant or insistent. Farol incorporates a three-step switch and comes in three classic colours. On top of this, it’s available both as a small and elegant table version – ideal for the desk and the night stand – and as a classic floor model that’s perfectly suited to shining a light on a cosy corner of your living room.