What is your first memory of design?
Florian: Growing up, I was surrounded by art and design, not because my parents worked with design professionally or talked about it that much, but because they just appreciated beautiful objects. Decades later, I discovered that many of the things in my childhood home were design classics, for instance the famous Mono-ring cutlery by Peter Raacke, a German designer rooted in the Bauhaus movement. I still love that set of cutlery, and I think this is what happens when you give your kids the chance to experience great design in their everyday lives. They grow up with a consciousness of shape, colour and texture, and develop an interest in the materiality of things as well as an appreciation of well-made objects.

For you, what is the perfect shape?
Florian: There is no such thing as the perfect shape; it’s always a question of context. However, often contrast makes the music. Blind emphasis on function never works. Any object needs beauty, poetry, feeling!

Sebastian: Shape can never be separated from factors such as time, function, modes of production, etc. However, to me, it’s also a feeling. When we come up with a new idea, or reach a certain point in the design process, that makes me feel happy and confident.

What were your thoughts when designing the Ani lamp for blomus?
Florian: The portable LED lamp was inspired by street lamps – and versatility was key. We aimed at creating an object that could adapt to different settings and be used in various ways, for instance by being placed on a table with the shade turned upwards or by having the shade pointing downwards when hanging in a cord. This gives the option of quite easily changing both the function and the appearance of the lamp, and makes it a playful, yet highly functional object.

What is the greatest advantage of being two designers working together on a given product?
Florian: We always have someone to discuss all the details with and we’re not afraid of disagreeing. However, for a project to succeed, we have to be 100% aligned. We’re actually at our best when we discuss and think aloud. That’s when we develop creatively and make the most of our individual skills and talents.

Sebastian: It’s great to have a teammate – someone you can count on, who has the same goals and who will continually reflect on your work.