"It’s exciting to see how a product
comes to life."

How do you go from idea to finished product?
First, it’s important to have an idea about what the market needs and what is already out there, and that takes thorough research. This is followed by rough sketches by hand, most often just a few simple lines on paper that give an impression of the basic idea and the general aesthetics of the product. This serves as a point of departure for discussions with my colleagues in the design team, which again leads to the digital as well as the analogue processing of the product, where we use mock-ups from cardboard, foam or wood and laser-sintered prototypes to check and further detail the design, proportions, ergonomics and function on a lifelike scale.

What is the most interesting part of that process?
To me, the most amazing thing is being part of the many steps from the first initial sketch to the actual product. It’s exciting to see how the product comes to life during that process.

What inspired you to do the Modo black titanium line for the bathroom?
I wanted to design pure, minimalistic bathroom accessories with the potential to become timeless classics. The slim proportions and reduced shapes are characteristic features of the Modo bathroom line; however, to create, for instance, the straight and narrow soap dispenser, it was necessary to invent a space-saving and very compact pumping mechanism, which was a real technical challenge.

Why did you choose black titanium as a coating?
To design a high-quality product line, it is absolutely essential to choose premium materials. The symbiosis of stainless steel and titanium coating gives a beautiful surface. From a functional perspective, the titanium coating is hard-wearing and resistant to acids, bases and alkalis, which are often used in the bathroom in soaps and cleansing products; hence, this is the perfect material for a bathroom line like Modo.

What are the main challenges when designing items for the bathroom?
Bathroom items are used many times a day. Additionally, a bathroom is characterised by high air moisture, meaning that any products need to be immune to this. However, beside the functional aspects, the bathroom is a private space where a sense of well-being is imperative, and I wanted the Modo line to have the luxuriousness of the spa, only in a home setting.

Which product is your personal favourite?
The soap dispenser, because it has a simple, yet elegant appearance and some really well-designed details. I like the fact that every little component of the product is interconnected and it all comes together as one single piece, making it a quite complex object even though it seems easy and effortless when used.