To you, what is the perfect shape?
I don’t think there is any such thing as the perfect shape. Perfection always depends on the context. I do work a lot with the combination of simple geometric shapes, though, and it seems that I like the half-circle a lot as it keeps on appearing in my designs.

What inspires you?
Everyday life is a great inspiration to me. I like to look at the way we organize all the things we do on an everyday basis; how we solve the small problems and challenges in our lives. This makes me rethink the design of furniture and everyday objects.

What is great design?
Great design creates an atmosphere that contributes to a feeling that results in well-being. Great design also stands the test of time. It is essential that a piece of furniture or a given product can last and stay relevant for a longer period – in terms of style and the design itself, and in terms of materials, craftsmanship, and quality.

What were your thoughts when designing
the cutlery set Stella for blomus?

It is the first time that I work with tableware, and the drawing process when you work on a smaller item like cutlery is very different from working with furniture. The smal-lest changes make an even bigger difference when you work in that scale, so I had to be very precise with the curves, shapes, and thicknesses. Another challenge is the functional and ergonomic part. It needs to feel good in your hand and mouth and pick up food in the right way. So, there was a lot of analysing, trying, and testing during the design process.

How is Stella ideally used in a given home?
With Stella, I wanted to add some effortless elegance to people’s everyday lives. I would like them to enjoy the shape in their hands as well as the visual appearance. Cutlery is an everyday object, but due to its refined expression, Stella is also suitable for a celebratory dinner where you are even more aware of the items you choose for your table setting.