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The bathroom series ARA in three new colours: soft-rose, ice-green, moon-grey

Besides the colors taupe, anthracite and white, there are three new colours for the bathroom collection ARA: ice-green, soft-rose and moon-grey. The ARA series combines special colours with an innovative stainless steel and polystone material mix for particularly pleasant handling in the bathroom. Whilst the stainless steel radiates cool elegance, the artificial stone material contributes a very natural appeal to the bathroom accessories as like soap dispenser, toilet brush, tooth brush mug, tray or soap dish and storage box. The result is a blend of contrasting materials nevertheless united in a simple form. This double contrast adds something out of the ordinary to this bathroom accessories, without introducing unwanted distractions which might interfere with decorative schemes.

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ARA soft-rose

The new colour "soft-rose" imbues your bathroom with a modern and subtle colour, which is at the same time discreet and outstanding - just as a delicate spring flower.

ARA ice-green

This wonderful pastel green colour makes you think of the spring - modern, fresh and at the same time elegant.

ARA moon-grey

Plain and simply exceptional is a perfect description for the new colour "moon-grey", which corresponding to the name of the colour, reminds of a moon landscape.