blomus x Uchino

The blomus x Uchino collaboration reflects a shared dedication to both mental and bodily wellbeing, as well as a joint ambition to create simple everyday products of great beauty.

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The japanese experience

Minimalist design, exquisite quality, and uncompromising attention to detail are the trademarks of Japanese Uchino, a leading manufacturer of luxurious textiles for the bathroom. Following the Japanese tradition of bathing as an everyday ritual that brings serenity, relaxation, and peace of mind, Uchino has a profound understanding of what it takes to make something as seemingly mundane as a towel stand out as a daily indulgence to be valued and used with love and care.

The towel KISHO by blomus X Uchino is available in three sizes and two matching colours – a soft grey and a dusty taupe. Subtle individual colour variations are a beautiful feature of the product, due to a special technique using two threads, while the soft feel of gauze on one side and the absorbency of pile on the other ensure maximum comfort.

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