5 pcs Fireplace Tool Set brown

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With the new ASHI fireplace set, the German designer pair kaschkasch has once again proven that the most mundane object can be clever and elegant, and deserves to be seen and admired every day. The shape of ASHI is inspired by gently swaying reeds growing in abundance in shallow waters. The handle contour is similar to that of the reed cob and the staves look like the high reed stems, which have been used in basket weaving for centuries.

The wooden handles have an integrated magnet, which holds the tools firmly on the stand when they are not in use, making the fireplace set a highly decorative object in your living room. The shovel, brush and poker of the fireplace set seem to float along the horizontal cross brace of the holder with its matt, powder-coated finish. The tongs are simply placed on top.

ASHI is available in two models: with a black or brown oak handle. It will match your interior theme to perfection.

dark brown
220 mm
Steel powder-coated, Oak tree, Coconut Fibre
755 mm
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