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Aptly named Grow, the new series of outdoor furniture designed by German kaschkasch for blomus comprises a number of matching furniture units that when put together form the perfect lounge setting. The flexible design allows for a vast number of individual combinations that will suit your needs and fit nicely with the size and proportions of your outdoor space. You can create both the classic, family friendly L-shaped sofa as well as a smaller two-seater with a footstool – and many other personalised arrangements. And when you need an extra seat to welcome a friend to the party, just add an extra unit.

Although designed for outdoor use, the Grow series has some of the same qualities as classical indoor furniture. The softness of the fabrics around a core of soft foam as well as the puffy, slightly curved shapes ensure that you will find the furniture cosy and inviting while relaxing outdoors. The fabric is of course water-resistant, and the designers have chosen two elegant colour schemes, so you can create a harmonious monochrome version or a slightly bolder, two-colour combo. With Grow, the choice is yours.

grow outdoor series
grow outdoor series
grow outdoor series

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Summer brings with it a certain set of rites and rituals – and everyone’s are personal and unique. However, for most of us, the onset of summer evokes a longing to get out and, quite literally, move life from the confines of our houses or apartments and out into the open.

The collection of outdoor furniture and accessories by blomus makes it easy to decorate any outdoor space, so that homely feel comes with you. Whether it be the need for extra light over dinner when the sun has set or the desire to stay all day in the shade reading your favourite book, feet up and perfectly relaxed, the collection offers new ways to make your garden, terrace, pool area or patio both a personal and functional extension of your home for those months of the year when life is sweetest under a clear blue sky.

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The sophisticated concept of each unit consists of two main components, the outer cover and the filling. The waterproof Olefin cover gets an extra soft look-and-feel with additional cushioning material inside. The bottom side of each unit is fitted with a robust premium fabric. The water-repellent and fast drying covering made of interwoven synthetic fibres protects the inner fabric layers against damages. An additional underside pouch is included to integrate the bottom plates with case legs. The compartments are filled with a high-class foam for a superb comfort level while sitting or lying on the sofa unit. A special vacuum technique reduces volume of the compartments by 70%, thus every unit can ship in a parcel-sized box.


· good body fit, comfortable to sit and lie on
· superb point elasticity – the body weight is evenly distributed over the surface
· inherently stable
· high temperature balance
· low-noise
· hygienic, breathable, hypoallergic


· Simply rub off loose dust
· Remove stains with a damp cloth with cold or lukewarm water, not watmer than 38°C (100 F)
· We recommend using a soft cloth for cleaning
· Damp spots should be removed / dried with a dry cloth
· Only dry the GROW seaters outside in the air. Never use excessive heat on the fabric
· For ideal maintenance of the GROW collection and to enhance their longevity we recommend using our MEDA cleaning and maintaining products. (Art. No. 31058, 31059).


The GROW sofa elements are designed for long-term outdoor use. Each element has been manufactured using high-end materials and with attention to detail.
Olefin (polypropylene) cover
· 380 g/m²
· Light fastness: ISO 105B02 (grade 7)
· shrub resistance 20.000 Martindale
· high UV-resistance
· hygienic, breathable, hypoallergic
· neutral to environment, ground water and foods
· recyclable


Each sofa unit gains additional stability by adding a custom fitting floor plate with case legs, also preventing soil wetness on the underside of the sofa. Simply slip the floor plate into the pouch and attach the case legs from the outside. Using furniture connectors you can easily join the sofa elements together to create a complete sofa combination. To join the units together the matching floor plate (part no’s 62107-62112) and a set of furniture connectors per element (part no 62106) are needed. The Divan is designed as a solitary element and cannot be joint with other units.

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GROW series for outdoor furniture
The fabric
GROW series for outdoor furniture
Waterresistant zipper
GROW series for outdoor furniture
Wooden base plate
GROW series for outdoor furniture
Flexible connectors


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€ 499,00

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€ 39,95

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