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Clocks: Design in the bedroom, living room and kitchen

Our range of modern clocks and wall clocks

blomus meets the increasing demand for modern clocks and wall clocks for modern furnishing concepts with three series of trendy models that are characterised by the familiar classic-purist style.

CRONO clocks are available in sizes S and M and in black or white. The radio-controlled watches each have three hands and a dial with minute divisions. The models are perfect for always keeping an eye on the time in the kitchen.
RIM clocks do not have numbers on the dial and are therefore suitable as cosy versions for living rooms and bedrooms. They are available in two sizes and have colour-contrasting hands for hours and minutes.

Which wall clocks are modern?

Modern wall clocks are available in all styles: from classic designs for the kitchen to original, minimalist designs for the wall of the living room. They differ in material, shape, size, number of hands as well as motif of the dial and are therefore suitable for use in different rooms.

Which clock is suitable for the living room?

Clocks for the wall of the living room are allowed to attract attention with their design. It is important that the models harmonise with the colours, materials and style of the room to create a uniform, cosy ambience.
The larger the room, the larger the display of the time on the wall should be. Particularly popular clocks are designed in industrial chic, the epitome of minimalist interior design par excellence - for example, the RIM wall clock with a dial without numbers, which is available in three classic colours.

Wall clocks for the bedroom

Wall clocks in muted colours and unagitated designs are ideal for implementing round furnishing concepts in the bedroom. Ideally, you should opt for calming, cool colours such as grey, blue, green and brown. Since the time in this room should serve as a time orientation, but at the same time be conducive to a relaxed ambience, models without a second hand and with a small dial are recommended, for example the RIM in grey / ashes of roses.

Trendy wall clocks for the kitchen

Wall clocks for the kitchen are often similar in design to the classic wall clocks known as station clocks. Stylish series with small, medium and large models in discreet colours and with a purist design have contributed considerably to the revival of this furnishing classic. Radio-controlled clocks tell the time automatically, reliably and accurately without having to be changed manually.

Look at the time: buy clocks at blomus

Clocks are available in a wide range of different designs that are a real pleasure to look at on the wall. High-quality details such as a brushed or powder-coated stainless steel rim and colour-contrasting clock hands emphasise the tidy, simple look in any room.

The wall clock: the right place and a good size

The right place for a wall clock depends, among other things, on the function of the room. In lounges such as living rooms, a wall clock should not be considered purely functional, but also has a design aspect. Sober, simple models can quickly become a style break - for example if the rest of the ambience is warm and colourful.
When choosing a place for the clock, you should make sure that it can be easily seen from the usual position in the room - for example, from the sofa or the dining area. Therefore, the appropriate size of the clock is also essential. While an XXL clock quickly looks oversized in a tiny room, the opposite is true in large rooms. The wall clock seems lost and it may be difficult to see the time on the opposite wall. The dimensions of the clock should therefore always be proportional to the room dimensions.

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