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Furniture inspirations:

With the ELI, PANOLA, FERA and KENA series, blomus offers you a distinctive furnishing line that combines furniture functionality with modern design and traditional materials. Let blomus inspire you and transform every room in your home into a place of well-being.

Hallway or hallway - important connection between retreat and the outside world

The hallway of your home is almost like a portal between the inside and the outside. It is the room you enter first. There is often a shelf or a chest of drawers in the hallway. This creates practical storage space that is missing in the bedroom or living room. With furniture from blomus - for example the products from the ELI series or the shelves from the PANOLA series - your hallway is transformed into an attractive reception room that offers plenty of storage space and welcomes everyone with its feel-good atmosphere. This positive impression can be enhanced by the planters from the KENA series. The slender KENA planters complement your furnishings in a stylish way. Do you perhaps like one of the side tables to go with it or do you prefer a sideboard, chest of drawers or one of the other pieces of furniture from the FERA series? Complete the furnishing of your hallway, no matter whether there is already a chest of drawers, a shelf, a coat rack or individual coat hooks and an umbrella stand. Upgrade any room in your home with furniture from blomus!

High-quality furniture for your living room

Just like the bedroom, the living room is a place to relax. However, it is also accessible to your guests. Well-being and cosiness are therefore the focus here. A side table or a living room table from the FERA series can emphasise this atmosphere. These tables are mostly made of steel. The special feature of this series is a powder coating in selected colours. The colours and the functional design can be integrated into almost any living room or dining room and embody blomus with their extraordinary design.

Storage space is created, for example, by the FERA sideboard and the shelving elements from the PANOLA series. The PANOLA shelving units combine fine steel with contemporary MDF or solid oak. Four colour variants allow an individual arrangement according to your wishes. Use this furniture to complement your existing furnishings in the dining room or living room.

Often there is a table in the middle of these rooms, around which chairs or a sofa and armchairs are arranged. Sometimes the room is very large, so a room divider is a great way to divide the space. You might realise this separation with a chest of drawers or a shelf to have more storage space. Decorating the room with houseplants is an uncomplicated way to make the atmosphere more lively and to visually lighten up large rooms. To present your plants in an adequate setting, the shapely planters of the KENA series are the perfect choice. A powder-coated steel heart and a slender, perfectly shaped design frame the plants in a restrained way. This is how you transform your living room into your personal feel-good space.

Design your bedroom with blomus

As a personal retreat, the bedroom has a special significance. Only you decide who may enter this room. Of course, this also applies to the furniture you use to furnish this room and make it the place where you feel completely at ease. With our furniture, you turn your demands into reality: striking lines, a design focused on the essentials and furniture made from traditional and high-quality materials. The NOMAD wall shelf is one of these furnishing accessories that impress with clear, functional designs and offer plenty of storage space as shelves. Moreover, NOMAD combines the material metal with wood, respectively the further development of the material wood, MDF. The shelf is an excellent, space-saving alternative to a chest of drawers.

Tips: How do I arrange my furniture cleverly?

Our furniture helps you to design and define your rooms in style. A table or side table from the FERA series, perhaps a sideboard from the same series: each of these furnishings offers storage space that fits easily into almost any room. Especially in large rooms, furniture can be used as room dividers. Turn a large living room into two rooms: one part can be a cosy sitting area for relaxing or social evenings and the other a dining room with a large table for the celebrations that come up during the year.

Lighting also exerts a strong influence on the atmosphere of the room. With the right lighting elements, you can direct the eye, visually enlarge or reduce the room or create an illuminated focal point. In combination with the KENA planter, a special plant light is available to help your plant thrive in rather too dark locations. It is also important to ensure that the lighting is appropriate to the purpose of the room. Ideally, you should prepare one or more lighting options from which you can choose the optimum brightness at any time. Do you like to spend a cosy evening together on the sofa watching the latest episode of your favourite TV series? On another day, you might be doing office work at home or crafting with your family. Dimmed light is ideal for an evening for two, but concentrated work requires bright light that is easy on the eyes. That's why variable lighting concepts are a versatile and convenient solution.

blomus offers furniture for every interior style
Furniture and home accessories from blomus complement or perfect almost every style of furnishing. The design is limited to the essentials and combines functionality with a modern look. High-quality and traditional materials such as stainless steel, wood, cork, linen and glass convince in an artistic interplay. The ELI series, for example, has solid wood seating furniture ready for you. Whether bench, bar stool or step stool: they are all made of solid, oiled oak. The oil treatment covers the wood like a discreet, natural veil without hiding the grain, because it is precisely this grain that makes each piece of furniture in this series so unique. This characteristic makes ELI harmonise wonderfully with the country house style and the Scandinavian style. The timeless design of the furniture and accessories by blomus is therefore particularly noteworthy. Thus, they can be arranged wonderfully to a furnishing with elements from the shabby chic or colonial style and also complement current trends excellently. Excellent examples are the PANOLA wall shelf and our FERA table collection, which round off popular furnishing styles with their design.

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