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Stay, the highly successful outdoor range by German design duo kaschkasch, is growing. An extra set of two comfortable outdoor furniture items have been added for this season – a chic, slightly smaller daybed and a relaxed lounger that is larger than the existing model launched last season.

As with the rest of the series, the two newcomers are made from a high-quality weather-resistant textile that does not fade when exposed to sunlight and is easy to maintain. The modern, minimal design allows for personalization when you add pillows and throws of your choice, and the lightweight materials make the furniture easy to move around to create the ideal outdoor setting on your terrace or in your garden or patio.

Outdoor furniture pool
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The products are filled with EPS beans – manufactured in Germany – which are neutral to the environment, ground water and food. A further quality feature of the EPS beans is their durability in volume, shape and ageing. The modern, minimalistic design allows for personalized use, when you mix and match the different colours and sizes or when the sunbed is adapted to your individual needs and preferences by unzipping the neck-rest or adding extra length by the use of a pouf.

The lightweight materials make the furniture easy to move around on the terrace, the patio or in the garden – or in the living room or winter garden when the weather changes and makes indoor use the more attractive option.


Our outdoor fabrics are woven from a high quality, weather-resistant polyester yarn which makes them ideal to be used outside.
The outside of the fabric has been specially treated to be water repellent and the inside is lined with a flexible TPU-foil, which is elastic and watertight. In addition their polyacrylate coating makes the fabrics extremely durable und UV resistant.
The light fastness according to ISO 105B02 has a value of 6 on a scale from 1 to 8, in which 8 is the highest possible value. The shrub resistance of the fabric has a value of 30.000 Martindale.
The fabrics are easy to maintain and clean. Most stains can be removed with a soft damp cloth. It is important to remove any stains as quickly as possible before they can move into the fabric. Well maintained our fabrics will last and look good for a long time.


Our STAY seats and beds are filled with EPS beans made 100% from polystyrol. The beans are being manufactured on the same day they are filled into the fabric. To achieve the highest quality of polysterol our EPS beans are manufactured in two foaming processes, with a longer rest interval between the two processes. Our German made EPS beans have these additional quality features:
· Durable in volume, shape and ageing
· Neutral to the environment, ground water and food
· Restistant to mould and fouling
· They can be recycled and are therefore sustainable
· Hygienic, breathable, hypoallergic and dust free
· They contain 98% air and about 2% polystyrol

Care instructions

· Simply rub off loose dust
· Remove stains with a cloth with cold or lukewarm water, not warmer than 38°C (100 F)
· We recommed using a soft cloth for cleaning
· Damp spots should be removed / dried with a dry cloth
· Only dry our STAY seats and beds outside in the air. Never use excessive heat on the fabric
· Careful ironing on a low temperature is possible
For ideal maintenance of your STAY furniture collection we offer our MEDA Cleaning- and Maintenance products for outdoor fabrics. Stains and unpleasant smells can easily be removed with our MEDA Cleaning Agent. After cleaning we recommend our MEDA Impregnating Agent which protects the outdoor fabrics water- and dirt repellent features. This protects especially the seams, which are stressed during the use of the product, against ingress of water.
Regular maintenance protects your STAY product against weather related influences and moss. It helps to keep your product in its original state and enhance its longevity.

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