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It's even cosier with lanterns from blomus

Wherever you look for cosiness, candles are often not far away. As soon as darkness falls, they awaken in us a feeling of security and well-being. So it is not surprising that lanterns play an important role when it comes to transforming the house and garden into a place with a feel-good atmosphere.

A light for every place

The candles and lanterns lights that we offer at blomus pursue precisely this aspect: they are intended to dispel the darkness and provide warmth in every place in the house, so that they become part of the moments that you would most like to enclose in a jam jar so that you can taste them in sad hours. At blomus, the focus is clearly on light.

In our designs for lanterns, we focus on clearly drawn but soft silhouettes, which in their simplicity emphasise the brilliance of the candlelight all the better. The material focus is therefore clearly on glass. The tealight glass plays with its different properties. Sometimes it is clear and transparent, sometimes rather matt or milky. In this way, we give the light of the flame its own, changeable language, which creates a cosy atmosphere in different ways.

We like to combine glass with cool, rough-looking materials such as stainless steel or clay. The strong contrast created by combining hard steel or stone with delicate, fragile glass emphasises the soft, playful nature of candlelight in a special way.

For that little bit more

Small details sometimes provide the big variance. The tea lights at blomus have a clear, minimalist design that can be easily integrated into any home. Their style thrives on purism. It allows people to develop their creativity individually. The tea lights from blomus are unagitated and calming in material and style, which many find pleasing to the eye. They concentrate on the essentials and make the world shine with the light of the candles alone.

Nevertheless: The simplicity of the lanterns also gives them their variation. Thus, they give you the freedom to combine them in the most diverse ways or to position them individually as eye-catchers. A single lantern can develop a completely different radiance depending on its position. Whether as a table light on balmy summer evenings on the terrace or as decorative, small lanterns on the windowsill: these tea lights blend flawlessly into the picture of any home and, with their clear design, emphasise the cosiness that the flickering of a candle brings.

Relax with naturalness

Our concept at blomus is to leave space. This is also expressed in the colour palette of our lanterns. They stick to colours that you would find on a walk on the beach or in the mountains, for example. With stony grey, sandy beige or delicate pink, reminiscent of the sky just before sunrise, the tea lights bring nature into the home in all its facets. As soon as the flame of the candle brings its very own nuances into play, the very own variance of the simple design opens up.

Our lanterns are an ode to cosiness. Their design of glass, stone and stainless steel is mainly kept simple so that it can flawlessly showcase the beauty of flaming candles. They can be placed as lanterns in the garden, table lights on the terrace or in the living room and in many other ways to create a place of peace and relaxation. With the tea lights from blomus, you bring longings, memories and dreams into your home. They bring new ideas to life and become a special statement in any place.

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