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Bathrooms were once considered a room that had only one use: dutiful personal hygiene. The room had a reputation as a utilitarian wet room, perhaps even part of a public communal bathroom. And it was a place where one spent little time. There was also a lack of colour back then. The change began after the year 1950. Since then, the bathroom has developed into a place of retreat that focuses on personal hygiene, recreation and soothing relaxation. blomus has also been dedicated to high-quality furnishings since 1961. By using high-quality materials that radiate authenticity, home accessories are created that embody the interplay of traditional craftsmanship and passionate creativity. This is how furniture is created that convinces with clear shapes and a timeless soul - for generations to come. Bathroom design with blomus means the union of high-quality materials and classic elements as well as a design that is reduced to functionality, yet still inspiring.

Stainless steel: tradition and striking design combined in a modern style

As the basic element of our ideas for your bathroom, high-quality stainless steel and authentic materials such as artificial stone, linen, cork or marble impress with their bold simplicity. The properties of these partly traditional materials served as inspiration for blomus. This was followed by the development of ideas for the product range with which we complete your bathroom design. Regardless of which materials or tiles line the floor and walls of your bathroom: The products from blomus individually enhance your bathroom, whether with bathtub or shower - in colours that harmonise with almost any colour concept. Our bathroom furnishings give your bathroom that special touch of your personal retreat, and the overall impression is harmoniously rounded off.

Inspiring ideas for your bathroom in noble colours

With MODO, you will discover a series that remains discreetly in the background. Nevertheless, the furnishing objects stand out because they embody modern materials and tradition in a clear design. A core of stainless steel is covered with a gossamer titanium coating, the underside is also coated. Here, however, it is a rubber coating that ensures stability. An example of this is the toothbrush tumbler from the MODO series. The clearly defined design clarifies the functionality of each individual product - be it the toilet brush, the toilet paper holder or the towel holders in various designs. The MODO series is available in several colours, and thanks to the discreet design, MODO fits perfectly into almost any room with tiles.

Do you already have ideas about how you want to design your bathroom as a room? Perhaps complement the surroundings of the washbasin by adding the MODO towel rail on one side. Is the room quite small? A space-saving alternative is the wall hook. The ideas for use are varied, as the classic use as a towel rail can alternate with use as a temporary jewellery butler or for hanging storage of bathroom accessories. The MODO wall hook also has a cool titanium coating that blends harmoniously into almost any bathroom and resists the effects of moisture and humidity.

Space-saving ideas for bathrooms with tiles

If there is enough space in the room, our guest towel holder is the perfect choice. To secure its stand, fix it to the wall with dowels and screws. Thanks to its compact size, the towel rail also fits into smaller bathrooms or guest toilets. An adequate complement to your washbasin or your washstand are the vanity mirror with wall bracket or the standing version, the soap dish as well as the storage dish from the MODO series. If you prefer liquid soap for washing your hands, your choice may be the soap dispenser, which you can easily hang on the wall with dowels and a screw connection.
With the clearly defined MODO wall shelf, you create more space for storing the most important things in your bathroom. The shower shelf is the perfect complement to it. The MODO wall shelf is available in two sizes and can also be wonderfully combined with all other elements from the MODO series. Even cleaning is taken care of: the shower wiper with integrated holder is always ready to hand, as is the toilet brush stand or the toilet brush holder with wall bracket. Aesthetic, functional ideas for necessities realised in a clear design! With the separately available toilet brush head, you can renew this accessory in an uncomplicated way. Design your dream bathroom with blomus!

SONO: Accessories for your dream bathroom

Obviously, colours from nature inspired the bathroom accessories of the SONO series. They all beguile with their extraordinary haptics and a soft-touch surface. What ideas do you have for designing with SONO? Perhaps you place the toothbrush tumbler, soap dish or soap dispenser within easy reach at the washbasin or on the tiles at the edge of your bathtub. Bath oil, shower lotion and more for the shower and bathtub can be wonderfully placed on the SONO tray. You might also use the tray for a drink and something to snack on while you relax in your bathtub or care for your skin after a shower. SONO is rounded off with the toilet brush holder and the pedal bin. Enjoy the skin-flattering soft-touch surface of the products from the SONO series in your home and create your dream bathroom!

ARA: Bathroom design with stainless steel, artificial stone and viscose

ARA scores with a variety of products with which you can design all the rooms of your home aesthetically and functionally - individually or in a three-piece bathroom accessories set. The latter contains a basic set for your bathroom, consisting of a toilet brush, a soap dispenser and a toothbrush tumbler. The set is available in five colours, each of which perfectly matches the tiles in the bathroom. The reversible baskets are a wonderful addition. They are made of viscose and their water- and dirt-repellent properties make them ideal for decorating and storing in the bathroom. Different sizes make it easy to choose. A reversible basket from the ARA series is also an aesthetic eye-catcher in the kitchen, dining room or your living room. ARA stands for high-quality products that combine stainless steel, artificial stone and viscose in a clear and functional design. Up to eight different colours make ARA the perfect bathroom accessory. Which of the colours match your tiles, your shower or the bathtub in your bathroom?

NEXIO: Eye-catching stainless steel in its purest form

Elegant simplicity, manifested in stainless steel. The surface is matt, glossy polished or covered with a matt powder coating. NEXIO harmonises with almost all products in the blomus range. Here, too, the blomus message is in the foreground: simple design, dispensing with superfluous elements, and yet every single accessory from the NEXIO series is elegant and sensual. Even the waste bins impress with their clear design and high-quality material. Direct your gaze to the washbasin, perhaps also the dressing table or the tiles of the shower or bathtub. Is this perhaps the ideal place for the combi box made of stainless steel? It decorates the room with its classic design and at the same time serves as a butler for cosmetic tissues, cotton buds and cotton pads. The soap dispenser in a slim design, the straight-lined towel holder and the paper towel dispenser round off the NEXIO series.

MENOTO: passionate, straight-lined design in stainless steel

The MENOTO series also focuses on stainless steel, partly harmoniously arranged with elements made of artificial stone or glass, coloured in restrained colours. The design of this series is limited to the essentials. This is precisely why these ideas are suitable for your bathroom on the one hand, and on the other hand they can complete any other room: Bedroom, hallway or dining room. If we stay in the bathroom, the toilet butler is a special highlight - as is the toilet roll holder with shelf and finally the valet, which embodies order and structure in its purest form. Ideas for the shower, bathtub or the entire bathroom - with blomus you can realise them in a special way and design the room with our high-quality home accessories!

FRABLE and FRAGA: Unique marble and solid concrete

The accessories in the FRABLE and FRAGA series are eye-catchers. Here, cool marble and solid concrete are skilfully shaped and crowned with functionality. The intrinsic weight of these objects reinforces the high-quality impression that the items in this series exude. There is a choice of selected scented sets and marble scented candles from the FRABLE series, which are available in various colours. The scented candles almost transform your dream bathroom into a home spa. The subtle fragrance compositions turn every shower and bath into an experience. Blomus also has refill sets available for you. Design your home with the accessories from blomus and realise ideas to give your bathroom highlights in noble colours and structured design! With blomus, you can design your personal dream bathroom!

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