Room Fragrance Set Royal Leather – Satellite

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For a delightfully fragrant home: The FRAGA room fragrance set diffuses the scent of “Royal Leather” in your home – a composition of herbal aromas with sweet balsamic nuances. The liquid fragrance is kept inside a coloured glass container, hidden underneath a matching concrete lid. The characteristic concrete look in the colour “Satellite” gives the diffuser a unique touch. The intensity of the scent can be adjusted using the five sticks. The FRAGA room diffuser is available in many different scents and every scent also includes a 100 ml refill, including sticks.

The scent „Royal Leather“: Handy, flattering and a bit fo history. Memories come back to mind. It catches us immediately - the composition of herbal aroma and a hint of tobacco. Overall it features a stimulating freshness. Royal nuances are perfectly balanced, with a discreet, soft sweetness.

90 mm
Concrete, Glass coloured, Synthetic material
275 mm
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