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Light from blomus - Lighting design for your home

Light can be used to create moods, give whole scenes a new atmosphere or simply extend the warm summer evenings by a few hours. With blomus design lighting ideas, you always have the right illuminant at hand - whether indoors or outdoors. The modern lighting of your living rooms, the garden or the terrace with LED lamps allows individual light colours, brightness adapted to the ambience and that certain extra cosiness in your home! Let yourself be inspired by our floor lamps, floor lamps and table lamps.

Inspired by tradition, made for modern living dreams

Portable lanterns are probably one of the oldest illuminants of mankind. With our mobile LED luminaires of the TAWA series, we have created a homage to traditional lanterns. Indoors, in the garden or on the terrace, our TAWA lamps provide a soft, atmospheric illumination that refracts through the textile outer shell of the lamps. TAWA lamps have an elegant handle integrated into the design, which makes it easy to carry the lamp. This way, you always have your light source with you and conjure up atmosphere wherever you happen to be. The TAWA lamps provide at least seven hours of light until they have to be recharged via the practical magnetic connection. The light colour and brightness can be controlled easily and conveniently via the blomus app.

Indirect light sources wherever you are

Whether in the reading corner or at the desk, whether on the terrace or the balcony: indirect light sources provide sufficient light for reading, working and relaxing in any room without straining the eyes with direct light. With the HOOP LED lamp, French designer Antoine Rouzeau has created a truly faithful companion among illuminants. Our HOOP table lamps emit their light downwards via the oval ring (hoop) that gives the lamp its name - away from the eye of the beholder. This creates a lighting atmosphere that is intense but never glaring. The brightness can be infinitely adjusted directly on the lamp. HOOP provides between eight and 40 hours of light with one battery charge before recharging is necessary via the easily accessible magnetic connection.

Surprisingly versatile like life: ANI LAMP

Portable, intuitive, surprisingly versatile and always a real eye-catcher: ANI LAMP is our luminaire that brings functional design and high-quality materials to the outdoor area. What is ANI LAMP? Well, first of all, the latest creation of the young designer duo Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider is a portable LED lamp that reminds us of early design classics with its discreet look, but still brings its very own style at all times. ANI LAMP is a stand lamp, table lamp or floor lamp, is cosy warm, subdued light or bright illumination. In short: ANI LAMP is always exactly the light you need. The lamp is operated by briefly touching the rings on the lampshade. This is how you control different brightness levels as well as switching the lamp on and off. If you spontaneously need a higher light output, simply turn the lampshade of our ANI LAMP around. This way you can change the light cone and bring much more light to dark places in your garden, on the balcony or the terrace. Place ANI LAMP on a stand and you have a floor lamp. Or hang the lampshade on a rope, place it on a table or on the patio floor - there is no limit to your creativity when it comes to lighting design with ANI LAMP. After eight to 16 hours of burning time, the lamp has to go to its charging station, where it can easily be charged via the USB cable included.

Let yourself be inspired in this category by the blomus design ideas around lighting and the modern use of light. If you have specific questions about the light colour, the brightness or the materials of our lighting, then simply write or call us! We are looking forward to making your garden, terrace or balcony - and of course every room in your home - shine in a new light with our unique, high-quality illuminants.

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