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Drinking Glasses

A good wine in a beautiful glass

Of course, wine is not the only drink that is served to guests in a glass. Cappuccino or sparkling wine, beer and other soft drinks are also often served in high-quality glasses. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but is necessary in many cases. Many drinks only develop their full flavour in special glasses and must therefore be presented in a special way. 

The taste is not only expressed in the drink, but also in the glass that is placed on the table. That is why at blomus you will find a wide selection of different glasses that suit every occasion and are a highlight when decorating the table. There is the right glass for every occasion and if you want to offer your guests a real highlight, you can also rely on quality craftsmanship and an everlasting design.

What should you look for when buying glasses?

There are many types of drinking glasses. There are water glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses, but that is by no means the end of the list. The large number of different drinking glasses partly has a cultural background. Even in earlier times, high-quality drinking glasses and water glasses also served the purpose of representation and were an important sign of the owner's wealth and cultural level. But the requirements of the respective beverages also influence the choice of suitable drinking glasses. Red wine must be poured into special wine glasses for optimal taste, as this is the only way for its exclusive bouquet to really come to the fore. Other drinks should be filled into a carafe beforehand and only then put into the drinking glasses. There are many rules and it is all the more important to choose a high-quality glass. The set of rules is complex and has a suitable note for every occasion, but if you have the right glasses to choose from, you can't really go far wrong.

Glasses for special occasions at blomus

There are many wonderful occasions in life when a good drink is simply a must. The right glasses should of course always be to hand. Whether they are water glasses, wine glasses or champagne glasses depends entirely on the occasion. The design plays a major role in this selection, as does the taste of the drinks chosen. At blomus, there are suitable glasses for every occasion, the right carafe and, of course, a promise of quality. Since 1961, blomus has been known for its high quality and has won over people all over the world with its exclusive design and passion for craftsmanship. Anyone who wants to present the right individual taste to their guests should also demonstrate the right level of taste when selecting drinking glasses. Water glasses and wine glasses as well as glasses for many other drinks are of course available at blomus. Here you will find champagne glasses and other glasses for every occasion. So you can leave an everlasting impression on your guests and present exquisite drinks in exclusive glasses.

Practical cleaning tips for our high-quality glasses

After use, cleaning drinking glasses is very important and should be approached with care. For example, sturdy water glasses have completely different requirements than sensitive and thin-skinned wine glasses and champagne glasses. Here, too, taste plays an important role. For example, the taste of red wine can be permanently disturbed by soap residues. Anyone who wants to clean their wine glasses in the dishwasher should therefore rinse them again by hand or through the machine with clear water to remove the last soap residues. This way, the red wine will taste just as good the next time it is used as it did the time before. Limescale in the machine should also always be taken into consideration when cleaning by machine. It leaves behind residues that are very difficult to remove from a carafe or champagne glass. Rinsing by hand is therefore always a good option and ensures that the glasses can shine for a long time in their usual brilliance.

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