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Simplicity as the secret for timeless tableware

The aesthetics of a clear design define the timelessness of your tableware. Perfect quality and uncompromisingly sophisticated manufacturing processes form the basis for longevity and robustness. This is one of the reasons for the international success of our porcelain and ceramic lines for the laid table. Tableware from blomus adapts to the desired occasion. In our series you will discover bowls, mugs, plates and cups for the breakfast table, the tea and coffee table and for the appetising presentation of food at dinner.

Tableware in classic or modern design

The first porcelain was created in Europe in the 18th century. The design of the cups, plates and other tableware still follows the classical style with lush, curved shapes and decorations. Many porcelain manufacturers still offer tableware with the classic design. Geometric and floral decorations as well as other motifs from nature are popular for the various tableware pieces such as bowls, dishes, plates and cups.
Traditional English porcelain with lush landscape painting shows its own style. The design of glass and porcelain underwent a revolution after the Second World War. Young designers in many European countries developed modern tableware with clear shapes and a simple design. Today, the range of tableware includes products in the various styles since the development of European porcelain.

Ceramics, earthenware or porcelain: tableware made of many materials

Bowls, mugs, bowls and other tableware items are available today in earthenware and porcelain. The technical generic term for these materials is ceramics. In common parlance, ceramic today often refers to somewhat thicker porcelain. The hardness and strength of porcelain and ceramics depends on the composition of the raw materials kaolin, quartz and feldspar. Today, glass is also used in the manufacture of many tableware items such as plates, cups, bowls and dishes.

Cleaning and care of tableware

An important argument when buying crockery is its suitability for cleaning in the dishwasher. Modern crockery made of glass and ceramic is generally dishwasher-safe. If you see the description ""dishwasher-safe"" on the tableware, you must expect the colour to fade in the dishwasher. Special occasion crockery with real gold rims can be damaged in the dishwasher. You should also wash older dishes with décors in light colours by hand to prevent the colours from fading. Remove stubborn food residues with hot water and a soft cloth. Sharp cleaners and scratching sponges can damage the glaze on mugs, cups and plates.

What should I look for when buying tableware?

Your new tableware should have the following characteristics:

  • dishwasher safe
  • colourfast
  • flawless manufacture
  • functional

Especially when buying exclusive tableware for a special occasion, you should attach importance to the quality of the material. You can be sure of this when you buy high-quality branded porcelain, such as you will find at blomus.

Discover exclusive tableware at blomus

Characteristic of the tableware from blomus, apart from the high quality of the ceramics and porcelain, is the clear and at the same time emotionally appealing design. The extraordinary creations harmonise with a table set in country house style as well as with a modern-puristic living ambience.
Our tableware series allow you to create an individual composition of cups, plates, bowls and dishes. Some series are available in different colours, which are also suitable for unique combinations. Our timeless tableware comes from the designs of young designers. In addition to a stylish design, they attach great importance to the functionality of the tableware. Flat plates with narrow rims and bowls with straight shapes make it easy to stack them safely in the cupboard.
The handles of the cups in our tableware series ensure a secure grip for small and large hands. Mugs are made of special ceramic for cold and hot drinks. Present your special occasion food in matching bowls, dishes and other tableware pieces at the table and convey your own special style to your guests.

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