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Trays - Serving food in style

Trays differ in many ways and are therefore suitable for various purposes. They can be used as decorative trays to put pretty accessories in the right light, to wrap gifts nicely or to serve food and drinks to guests.

Tray trends: our designs for serving

PEGOS is our rectangular serving tray, for example, available in 50 x 32 cm made of metal, in light or dark grey and with a practical non-slip surface made of silicone.

SONO Tan and Satellite are made of ceramic and are particularly good for the bathroom. The soft-touch surface offers a particularly pleasant feel. The popular trays are available in brown tones, grey, dove blue, cream or black. The Ashley and Microchip series are characterised by their glazed storage tray in which you can place hand soap.

BORDA is made of solid oak and blends in very nicely with the rustic country house style. It is available in three sizes, so you can use it as a bed tray, but also for entertaining larger numbers of guests.

BASIC made of matt stainless steel is a real all-rounder. It matches the style of our tableware series of the same name and is perfect for serving drinks. As it can also be put in the dishwasher, it is particularly easy to clean.

EASY in matt stainless steel with a diameter of 30 cm is just the right serving tray for smaller groups of guests or as a bed tray for breakfast for two. 

WILO is the matching counterpart made of robust hardwood, in a practical 35 x 25 cm format and with a non-slip surface for the safe transport of drinks.

Which tray is suitable for which purpose?

Depending on whether the tray is to serve Sunday breakfast in bed or culinary delicacies to numerous guests, different dimensions and materials are suitable. Serving trays should have a non-slip surface. A rim ensures better manageability.

What materials are trays made of?

Whether a rustic wooden tray or a modern decorative tray made of metal - there are almost no limits to the variety of designs. You should use a tray made of a material that is easy to clean after use. Rings from coffee cups and leftover drinks, for example, can only be removed with difficulty from natural wood.
Stainless steel is particularly durable and - in contrast to ceramic - also break-proof and is therefore suitable if there are younger children living in the household. Wooden trays should be wiped with a damp cloth after serving, left to dry well and treated regularly with wood oil to make them more resistant.

Trays - What shapes are popular?

Rectangular trays look particularly elegant and timeless when combined with muted colours such as grey or taupe. They are available made of ceramic, stainless steel or wood in various sizes and fit effortlessly into any furnishing concept. The BASIC series, for example, is wonderfully suitable as a serving tray for desserts, drinks or delicious cheese plates, for example in 15 x 25 cm or 10 x 17 cm. Round trays have the simplest effect, while oval designs are currently very trendy. Picking up on the Feng Shui spirit, they exude a special flair. Versatile colour palettes in classic natural colours have the right tray for every taste.

The most beautiful decoration ideas with trays

Wooden trays are almost predestined for seasonal, nature-oriented decoration. Earth tones such as brown, beige, cream, red, white and ochre can be decorated seasonally with different elements:

  • Dried flowers
  • Stones
  • Wood
  • Pine cones
  • Grain ears
  • Bouquets of herbs
  • Mosses
  • Shells
  • Candles

You can also arrange other pretty elements in retro vases and jars.

Because they are fireproof, metal trays are ideal for making an Advent arrangement with dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and Christmas tree balls. Even outside the Christmas season, colourful stones, decorative sand, small figures or fairy lights make an attractive decoration.
Plastic trays with decorative designs serve as the basis for lovingly arranged gifts. Homemade or purchased gifts such as chutneys, jams, spice mixtures and biscuits can be set off with decorative accessories from your collected collection. Wrapping ribbon, lace fabric, crepe paper or metallic foils: Create individual gifts with heart. The colours of the decorative elements should match the design of the tray to create a uniform overall look.

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