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Salt & Pepper Mills

Salt and pepper mills: Simple and functional design in puristic perfection

Spice mills: The advantages at a glance

  • holistic design of your tableware 
  • no tedious grinding thanks to electric drive
  • Different grinders for extra durability
  • different degrees of fineness for individual enjoyment
  • minimalist and modern

What types of salt and pepper mills are there?

Salt and pepper mills exist in numerous variants. They differ:

  • by material: for example, plastic, wood, glass or metal
  • by design, shape and size
  • by type of grinder: e.g. steel or ceramic, manually or electrically operated
  • by grinder: from very fine to very coarse

Which grinder is suitable for a spice mill?

While steel grinders in salt mills differ from those in pepper mills, ceramic grinders are identical in salt and pepper mills. High-quality versions have different grinding degrees, which you can adjust individually - depending on your taste.

What kind of salt goes into the mill?

It is best to use coarse salt with a grain size of one to six millimetres in a salt mill. Black salt from Hawaii is of volcanic origin and changes its colour to a pinkish-purple tone when ground. It has a slightly bitter aroma with smoky nuances. Pink Himalayan salt owes its colour to the high content of iron oxide and contains special nutrients due to its origin millions of years ago.

Which pepper goes into the mill?

Basically, you can use all dried and solid peppercorns in a pepper mill. Classic black cayenne pepper is part of the basic spice equipment in every household. White pepper is especially popular for light-coloured dishes. It adds a mild spiciness to cream sauces, asparagus and poultry. From a botanical point of view, pink pepper is not a real pepper at all, but comes from the pepper tree, a bush-like sumac plant.

Our range of high-quality salt and pepper mills

At blomus, we offer you a fine selection of high-quality spice mills in minimalist designs. For generations, we have been known for the durability of our product portfolio. With experts from various fields, we are constantly researching new materials, the perfect grinding degree and other innovations to actively shape the table culture of the future. Renowned young artists and designers support us in the conception of aesthetic classics that have a special twist despite the lack of frills. The focus is always on simplicity, timeless elegance and functionality.

The SALPI mills are made of durable stainless steel and are available in a matt or polished finish. The colour-contrasting adjustment wheels are available in black, grey or beige. The grinding degree of the ceramic grinder can be adjusted from very fine to very coarse and is considerably more robust than a steel grinder.
The SALPI mills made of plastic also have a ceramic grinder and a practical plug-in mechanism that makes filling easier. Matching the tableware series from blomus, you get a holistic design concept.

RO is our natural line of spice mills made of light or dark oiled oak. It embodies a rustic, classic-authentic style at your table. A truly purist all-rounder is the PEREA salt and pepper mill. Thanks to its top-mounted grinder, it is suitable for both the kitchen and the set table. Timeless and handy are the salt and pepper shakers of the LIVO series. Made of stainless steel and glass, they blend effortlessly into any ambience.

How do you clean salt and pepper mills?

Salt and pepper mills should be cleaned as dry as possible, as moisture quickly accumulates in their inner workings. This applies even more to electric mills, as the electronic components of the appliance are very susceptible to moisture. The latter causes the ground grains to stick together and clog the mill. Moisture also contributes to the formation of rust, which can permanently damage the grinder.
A good trick for cleaning spice mills is to grind rice. This absorbs moisture. In addition, residues of salt and pepper stick to it and are removed during the grinding process. This cleans the grinder thoroughly. You can gently clean the outer parts with a kitchen brush or a dry cloth.

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