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Garden Accessories

Garden accessories from blomus: Function meets design

The next summer can come! With the garden accessories from blomus, you are perfectly equipped for the coming garden season. Our garden accessories make working outside, in the garden, on the balcony or terrace a real pleasure. Whether watering cans, plant sprayers or decorations: our garden accessories combine function with elegant design. And even after gardening, things continue in style. With garden furniture from blomus, your garden or balcony will be transformed into a real oasis of well-being in no time.

GARDENING: Stylish and practical garden accessories

Who actually says that a watering can can only be practical, but not chic? With our watering cans from the PLANTO series, we completely redefine elegance in the garden and on the balcony. The watering cans are equally practical and visually convincing. They are made entirely of high-quality, almost indestructible stainless steel. With a capacity of one or optionally 1.5 litres and an ergonomic, U-shaped handle, the plants in your garden or on the balcony can be watered in a targeted manner. PLANTO watering cans inspire with an excellently balanced centre of gravity, so that even well-filled watering cans can be handled optimally at all times.

Shapely and practical garden accessories at the same time

A rain gauge reliably shows you the current amount of precipitation. With our CAMPO rain gauge, you get an extremely attractive, but also durable and practical garden accessory in your garden paradise. The combination of matt stainless steel and acrylic glass looks simple and timeless - and at the same time extremely attractive. The CAMPO rain gauge can be wonderfully complemented with garden accessories such as our garden thermometer. It is also designed in a modern stainless steel/acrylic glass combination and is equally suitable for the garden as for flower boxes and planters. The divided ground spike of the thermometer can be varied in height and thus offers the perfect overview of the current temperatures.

Garden decoration: Premium design for every outdoor area

Stainless steel is also the focus of our garden decoration designers. If you are currently looking for fresh, innovative decoration for the new garden season, you should definitely not miss our VIENTO wind wheels! The wind wheels made of matt stainless steel are available with a diameter of 200 or 300 millimetres and are ideal as a dreamy play of shapes in shrub beds, planters or window boxes. Even a slight breeze will make the wings turn. Tip: Especially with freshly scattered seeds, the reflections of the wind chimes can keep hungry pigeons away! Speaking of birds: We also think of our feathered friends, of course - and with FUERA we have developed a garden decoration that is not only beautiful but also extremely useful. The FUERA bird resting place serves as a practical bird bath in summer and can be used as a feeding station in winter.

Indispensable garden accessories: LED lights with intelligent function

Every outdoor area - whether a large garden or a small balcony - deserves appropriate lighting. Elaborate cabling and inflexible illuminants are finally a thing of the past! With ANI LAMP, you get a versatile, adaptable and brightly beautiful LED luminaire that can be used anywhere thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery. The ANI LAMP LED lamp cuts just as dazzling a figure on its filigree, powder-coated stand as it does hanging from a rope or standing on a table. If the lampshade of the ANI LAMP is turned upside down, you can change the light cone in the twinkling of an eye and thus intensify the illumination of the surroundings. The function of the LED lamp also leaves nothing to be desired. A brief touch of the rings on the lampshade is enough to control the three brightness levels or to switch it on and off.

Simply comfortable: garden furniture from blomus

In addition to small and large garden accessories and matching garden decorations, no outdoor area should be without matching garden furniture. With our STAY garden furniture series, the name says it all. Because once you have settled down on the comfortable outdoor beds, you won't want to get up again. Our stools and chaise longues from the GROW series are no less comfortable. Weatherproof materials and an interior that adapts to the contours of the body make the garden furniture of the GROW series by blomus heavenly comfortable - and infinitely cosy.

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