Kitchen towels and drying cloths for washing up in the kitchen by blomus

Great materials and colours for dishwashing towels. Discover high-quality fabrics for durability and pleasure in the kitchen.


Kitchen towels made by blomus

Kitchen towels with combi-talent

In traditional or modern style: an attractive kitchen radiates cosiness and harmony. This can be further emphasised with matching accessories and textiles. With our high-quality towels, you bring interesting colour tones into play that complement the typical Scandinavian style wonderfully. These are soft, subtle colour nuances that you can combine well with your other kitchen textiles.

In addition to the appealing look, the kitchen towels from our shop score points with their high quality. The material is pleasant to the touch and also very absorbent. So you can dry your wet hands quickly and continue preparing food. In the modern, fresh kitchen, the small-format towels are very charming and useful helpers at the same time. For a uniform look, coordinate the design with the dishcloths. Playing with colour gradations is also very popular: this is how you stage the Nordic-fresh style in your own way.

Towels made of durable and hygienic materials

There's a lot to do in the kitchen, whether you're cutting vegetables, preparing meat or standing at the cooker. That's why hobby cooks often reach for a towel, because they constantly have to wash their hands and dry them afterwards. With the absorbent and soft kitchen towels from our range, this is quickly done. However, it often happens that small residues from food or soap remain on the textiles. It is therefore important to wash the towels at short intervals. It is therefore worth buying several kitchen towels so that you always have a few in reserve.

For optimal cleanliness, the towels can be washed at 40 or 60 degrees. Exact information on the maximum washing temperature can be found in the product description. The towels without microfibre can generally be washed at up to 60 degrees and are also suitable for tumble drying. Thus, these textiles prove to be very hygienic. Most of the time, the cotton towels get really clean at 40 degrees. When the towels are dry, store them in the cupboard until the next use.

In addition to the hygienic aspect, it is also about the grip. If you want high absorbency, a soft knitted material is recommended. It feels good and has a natural look. The attractive look is also evident in the discreet colours. Blue, grey-green or brown: you will find the right nuance for your kitchen in the soft shades.

Special features of kitchen towels

Compared to towels in the bathroom, kitchen towels are relatively small. They are the size of guest towels. The typical size is 30 to 35 cm x 50 to 55 cm. If necessary, you can also use the small towels in the guest toilet, but their actual working environment is the kitchen. Here, the functional and casual designs blend harmoniously into the overall picture. This works particularly well if you coordinate the towels with the tea towels, pot holders and other helpers in the kitchen.

The right place for the kitchen towel

It is best to hang the towel close to the sink. That way, it is within easy reach after washing up or washing your hands. A small hook is usually sufficient. Next to it, you can place the matching coloured dishcloths and, if necessary, potholders.
If the towel is damp, dry it in front of the heater. There are special towel racks for this purpose. Keep clean kitchen towels in a kitchen drawer or cupboard.

High quality textiles

At blomus, we stand for the perfected craftsmanship of our products. This is reflected in the authentic craftsmanship of the textiles and in the harmonious details. With their clear shapes and simple designs, the kitchen towels set an example of modern understatement. At the same time, the passion for value and style is reflected in the high quality of workmanship. Our enthusiasm for aesthetic interior design helps you to furnish your home sustainably. In keeping with this philosophy, you choose the matching accessories and towels from us.

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